Friday, January 16, 2015

16 JAN 2015 :: Wall sculpting - amazing art

I was looking at a Facebook site today and I noticed a video link about making artistic designs directly on a wall. The title talked about wallboard designs and I couldn't figure out how that could be done to create the scene in the photo... a beautiful mountain scene with evergreens, rocks, and some kind of large fish I thought.

When I followed the link it went to a You Tube video demonstrating how the scene was created by the artist (Bernie Mitchell). The links are below for you to explore. I will try to add photos before I post.

At You Tube I notices a number of other videos to see... and that they were posted as far back as 2009. I had no idea this decorating option existed.

I hope this was OK to do, but I uploaded this photo from Bernie Mitchell's Facebook page. It is a great sample of what this blog is about. Isn't it amazing to see this kind of sculpture on a wall.

This is the link to this photo ::

If you follow the ART RELIEF link you will find a short presentation of a variety of designs, some created to look like abstract framed art. I liked the first design, which looks like some kind of wave, and the second design that looks like a giant tulip or rose on a special wall. You will have to explore these designs links for yourself.

I added the Randy Detjen links because they were also on You Tube and offer another look into the creation of these art works in a home.

I hope you are as amazed as I am to see this opportunity and the talent that makes it.  I liked the idea of creating these designs for regular framing... and thought of shadow boxes that are deep and would protect these designs a little better.

I wondered what kind of design I would like to have in my home, and what room it would be best in. I always loved the world maps on walls that I have seen...but they were in marble. I can't remember the name of the store that had them, but it was an educational toys store. I'm not sure where I would put that size of a map, but if I had my own library, it might be on a wall there.

What would you like to see in your home?


link to demonstration video with Bernie Mitchell
from mid 2012

link to Bernie Mitchell's Facebook page


You Tube link to
Art Relief   --  from 2011


2009 interview with Randy Detjen showing some of his work

What A Relief  -  Randy Detjen  --  business page with videos about how he makes his artworks.


  1. I'd be very tempted by some of the amazing Celtic knotwork designs, I think.

  2. This looks like the bas relief or fresco work done during the renaissance. Very interesting.

  3. This is so unique. It does look like a fresco you would see in Europe.

  4. I love that look. I think I'd like something with a mid-century feel in my dining room.


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