Saturday, January 31, 2015

30 JAN 2015 :: Sharing some of my favorite crafted items from Etsy

This new effort in blogging is creating learning challenges for me...but I hope to find a way through as quickly as possible.  After a long week of trying to find a topic for this post, I will share some of my recent favorite item on Etsy, tell you how to find them, and share why I chose them.

Below is one item I hearted today as I was searching for a topic for this blog post.  It is from the Etsy shop titled :  Debra's Divine Designs.  She takes the wings of real butterflies and incorporates them into her jewelry designs.  The blue button that holds this wrap bracelet closed is the butterfly component.  What I liked about this listing is the great photo presentation, the faceted beads which are identified as smoky crystals, and the brown strands connecting everything together (which is noted as "distressed brown leather cord" in the description.  The additional photos only make it look even better.  In online selling, photos are everything.

Another item I discovered in my search for today's blog post is the stained glass box below.  Wendy Joy is the listed crafter at W Joy Designs.  She makes a variety of items, including other stained glass objects, jewelry, mosaics, and candles.  I originally went to her shop because of a sun catcher I noticed somewhere.  (I am thinking of my own kind of window elements and am trying to find a price range for this kind of product.)   I was greatly impressed with the box and the bright color.   It seemed like a wonderful item to possess -- and to hide personal treasures in.

Below is another item I really liked at the Etsy shop called Whispering Metalworks where Kelly Houle is listed as the shop crafter.  I am very fond of recycled creations, and the craft world is beginning to make amazing things out of wood, cloth, metal, glass, and other recyclable materials. I am  always looking for the best ones.

Creating new objects with old silverware is a developing craft.  I have seen all kinds of kitchen metal made into wind chimes, and now I have discovered a very talented person who makes forks into shapes that look good and are useful.  This business card holder is very unique looking and makes me smile.  It reminds me of an octopus with the wavy tines.  I love it! 

If you follow the link to her shop, you will be able to see many other items made with knives, forks, and spoons.

Finally, for today, I wanted to share a painted cup because of the design, which I think looks like a wolf.  Against the black of the cup, the design stands out.  This item is from the shop Jasmine's Treasures LLC, where Renee Stewart is listed as the shop owner, but the About page shares that it is a mother-daughter (and granddaughter) enterprise.  It makes me think of endangered animals and groups that protect animals, but you can make an order to have your pet painted on a cup for yourself if you want.

Creative talent is varied and diverse...varied by the craft, diverse in how the craft/talent is applied.  I am always inspired when I explore the shops at Etsy.  I hope you enjoyed this small sample.

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