Friday, January 09, 2015

9 JAN 2015 :: First post :: What Crafts Mean to Me

Crafts... It's hard for me to define what crafting means to me.  As an Etsy seller now, I am rediscovering how many crafts I really like to do... and seeing what others in the world are doing.

When I was a child, I remember the ads in magazines asking you to draw the picture and send it in for an "evaluation" of your talent.  :-)   I think I sent in at least one of those.  I tend to favor pencil drawing, black and white contrasts, and want to learn to do watercolor better.  I think of beads as a form of art and have always wanted to make art pieces with beads. I hope to extend my art approach into fabrics and mixed media.

I remember exploring photography and ceramics in high school, but can't remember what else I did in those years. Photography has always remained high on my list of artistic efforts to improve on and incorporate into my writings and designs.  I haven't decided where I want to take ceramics and kiln work, possibly exploring glasswork projects.

Knitting was part of my life in my youth, then I switched to crochet, mostly doing baby blankets and small projects. In time I explored smaller threads. It was a challenge to learn to do doily shapes. At one point I purchased a small table loom. Now I want to some day try a full loom, or explore small hand loom projects.

After discovering the exotic threads that are available in specialty yarn shops, I hope to accomplish some yarn projects in the future. And, if I ever get my dream of a farm/ranch, creating my own yarn supplies and looms is on the list of things to do.

Sewing has been in my life since my youth -- I use to design my own clothes, and thought about a career in fashion design. It is still part of my goals, but I plan to focus more on small projects.

When I got to the University of Oregon, I explored beginning jewelry making and fell in love with the process. 

Advertising and marketing are topics that have always interested me. I was raised in the Hollywood area. It's hard to get away from it in that part of the country.  I love a good ad, hate the abuse of consumers.

Now that I am older and encountering larger health issues, how much I can achieve is a big question, but working at home is going to be the better part of my challenges.

With this blog, I want to share my discovery process and links to great crafts and craft topics I find. I don't have any definite restriction, just all things craft.

I hope we all find a great future together.

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