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6 FEB 2015 :: Extraordinary Embroidery

I have discovered a large number of really great crafts and talented creators since I have become a seller at Etsy.  In my personal browsing through forums and networking games, I noticed the photo below.  I don't remember seeing anything this beautiful in embroidery.

The crafter is Lorna Bateman and she lives in the United Kingdom.  The item shown in the photo has been sold, but there are other examples of her work at  this link .  She offers kits to learn how to do this kind of art.  I am not familiar with "stumpwork," which may be the European name for it, but it is beautiful.

 This is a kit for an English Needlecase in Lorna's shop. 
I discovered the next photos on Facebook posts.  Most of the creators seems to be in the area of Russia and Ukraine.  I wasn't able to tell if these are created from kits or made totally by the artists, but talent is still required to make these beautiful finished artworks.  I doubt I would be able to make anything near the quality of these works.  I hope you like these designs as much as I did.  You can follow the links to find more samples of this craft.
 This is her cover photo since 31 JAN 2015.        
Aren't the beaded berries wonderful.         
This photo has another name on it,
but came from Tetiana's page, I think.
Isn't it beautiful.... so fragile, muted, elegant.

   This photo identified the strawberries
     as an example of "crewel" embroidery.

Posted on Tetiana's FB page;
photo from Mehtap Gacar's FB page.
I thought these ribbon roses made this look elegant, special.
This looks like a wedding necklace....
Julya Vorontsova      
FB post on 3 FEB 2015;     
Tetiana Korobeinyk photo     

I could have searched for and posted many more examples of these kinds of embroidery... but I stopped myself with these. 

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