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13 MAR 2015 :: What is happening now?

I suppose I have already told you, but I write other blogs through the week and I am trying to develop a topic process and improve my outside information.  :-)   I am working on it... it is beginning to get sorted out.  Just hang in with me and we'll find out a lot of things together.  :-)

I was just at my Facebook page(s) and discovered a post about leadership quotes.  In an Entrepreneur Magazine online site, there is an article with 50 quotes on leadership.  I was inspired to share it today, since it is my CRAFTS Explored day... and we are all developing our crafts businesses.
50 Quotes on Leadership Every Entrepreneur Should Follow
Contributed by JOHN RAMPTON
published on 13 MARCH 2015
It is suggested it is an 8-minute read.
I was led to the article by the Max Lucado quote on the post I saw... about an orchestra leader having to turn his (or her) back on the crowd in order to lead the orchestra.  :-)   I saved a copy of the article for future reference.  Some of them may appear here in the future.

This week has actually been productive... well, it FELT more productive.  I get things done all the time, they just don't feel directly related to gathering cash to live on.  This week I finally went through a few of my listings and worked out the revisions I have been thinking about.  Then I copied one, revised it for a new photo and item, and then added it to my list.  I officially have ONE more listing, but I really have more, because my revisions changed the original offers into new offers.

I haven't figured out all the details within the Etsy process, but two of my listings had to be renewed. The one I revised (edited) didn't need to be renewed so the end date stayed the same.  Once I get the listings to a permanent content, I will only renew them when they end.  That's 60 cents a year to make the effort to sell something that matters to me.  It is one of the reasons I decided to try an Etsy shop.  I know that listing doesn't mean a sale, but the 4 month timeframe and the 60 cents a year make trying a reasonable cause.

Another thing I accomplished this week was updating my Treasuries.  I had looked at one awhile back and discovered items were missing.  I don't know how they disappear, but I assume it is because the listing goes away.  Sold items will still show up in my Favorites section, but they can't be used in a Treasury.  I really love some of the things I favorite for one reason or another. I like to still have a picture of them to remind me I once knew them.

I am trying to find a new place to share my Craft Cult widget for treasuries since I removed it from the blog space.  I liked sharing all the great products I find on Etsy.  I'm not sure where I can do that.  If I can find a way to place it in my posts, maybe I can add it at the end.  I will let you know when I find out about that.

I have a son in prison right now, and I have been trying to encourage him to use the time there wisely, planning for the future, creating art or something to sell when he is released, and other things.  I have two pages I created some time ago about making goals for yourself.  I made new copies and sent them to him.  Prison is such a waste of time... I am hoping he will find a way to make it count in his life, to help him create a better future when he is released.  Having REAL goals, well-planned, well thought out, may help him.  Unrealistic goals just discourage us and make us give up.  Most of us don't realize how much work goes into achieving a goal... and that it can take many years.

The information I shared with my son was gathered from several sources, but it was mostly from Brian Tracy because I was experimenting with his suggestions at that time.  I followed his 10 Goals a Day for 30 Days suggestion and it showed me how to sort through all the different goals you have and find the ones that mean the most.  It also showed me how goals change.  What something like this does is help you keep focused on your goals. It is so easy to lose track of them.

I have been developing a weekly approach for myself.  It helps me keep focused at a different pace.  I have been developing my own forms to help me keep track of the information I need to make decisions.

Etsy has a great PDF I came across in one of their blogs ( ).  You can go directly to the PDF at this web link ::
I have printed many of them in my quest to create actual SMART Goals.  :-)    See if you can do better than I did with your goals.

The US Government has lots of information about goals, too.  I went to really quick and found this page.  You can use it to compare with the Etsy worksheet.

I hope to have more information on developing your shop next week.  See you then.

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