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6 MAR 2015 :: Getting a Deal on Supplies

I don't know where the time goes, but it sure flies away! 

I am close to the point of doing my blogging in the morning so I can get it out of the way  :-)   and not have to worry about it.... that would give me more time to figure out the photo problems, too.

I am fond of going to the Salvation Army Thrift Stores for their Wednesday 50% off everything in the store sale.  I use to try to go on other days, but I would always find something I really wanted that wasn't on sale... that would mess up my budget and reduce my pile of treasures.  Now I only go on the sale day so I won't have to deal with that frustration.

I found some great deals this week.  I always do.  I search for hours and try to spread my budget around the various things I need, or the sections of the store.  I didn't get near the clothes -- that will take hours just by itself. It was my first real shopping day in a long time... I wanted to search as much as possible.

I tend to grab anything I might want and then decide what to actually keep (pay for) when I am ready to go.  I always lament the things I can't purchase... sometimes for a long time.  It's a thrift store, and the items are at a discount price, but the dollars add up fast... I tend to go over my planned budget every time.  I look for craft item, kitchen items, books, VHS tapes, and whatever else they have in that part of the store. 

Since I am doing art now, I am trying to build up my picture frame collection. I only bought the ones I liked for 44cents this week, but I am looking at the larger ones and trying to figure out how to get them in the budget.  I limited myself to 4 picture frames, with one that I can use as a pattern to create my own later.  I haven't decided which is better for refurbishing yet, but wood can always be painted.  After you get done, it's like new.  Smaller ones don't cost as much to mail, and will fit into the small USPS Priority Flat-rate box.  Flat-rate shipping is good because it is reasonably priced and includes tracking.  I am trying to create items that will be low on shipping costs and still be flexible for the sizes I want to make.  It's a plan that I am working on still.

I am also working out food products to the kitchen aisles are a great place to explore.  I found a second heavy sauce pan this week.  I hope to try it out next week.  I also found some Tupperware that will work for either food or craft supply storage for me.  I love Tupperware!  Tried to sell it a couple times in my life...and hope to include it in my WT projects.

In the book section, which includes audio tapes and VHS tapes for my search, I only look at the soft cover books because they become 50 cents each on the sale day.  I discovered a Barron's Business Review Book on Accounting. It was published in 2000, but I took beginning accounting classes when I first was able to go to college in 1983, and math is math... I wanted to review the process, so this should be a great reference tool. I think it is wise to have a basic idea what is going on with the software programs you use for accounting, and I like to use Excel for my budgets.  I hope it will give me some of the formulas I need to use.  Barron's produce excellent books...if it was a name I didn't know, I doubt I would get it. 

Another book I decided on was a recipe book for people with diabetes.  I know the recipes will be healthy and I am working on my menus... looking for better recipes that I might like. Hope it works out to be a great find. 

Finally, I decided to take a little product recipe booklet by French's on mustard options.  There was a peanut sauce recipe, and a couple others that looked interesting, so I decided I would pay the 50 cents for it.  :-)   I usually have a $1 book budget.

One item I really had to debate myself about is an audio book package I found by Covey (author of the 7 Habits series).  It was missing one tape, but I thought it would be good for my collection on sales and success.  I have things from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and other people I tried out because they were at a sale price.  I have always loved Zig Ziglar...  Brian Tracy is new to me.  Before Zig Ziglar I use to listen to a lot of the Nightengale-Conant materials.  I could really get going about how great some of these materials are, but I can't right now.  I will make it a topic for future blogs.  I finally decided to get it... it was $1 on sale.

I guess the great thing is the reduced price for things that will be valuable to your work, your growth, your plans.  Once you use something, it's no longer new.  It doesn't really matter if something is used as long as it is in good shape and will meet your need.

Now that I have a little income with my Social Security Retirement payments, I will be going to the Salvation Army sale at least one week a month.  When I get my crafts done, and start selling them, I hope to have enough money to go more often.

Let me know how you save money on supplies... share that in the comments section.  I would love to find any way to save that I can...  In my really hard days I made up a saying about saving money ::

          The more you save,
               the more you have to spend.

It's kind of like the "penny saved, penny earned" saying we all know... which was the inspiration for my own application of it.  :-)

Craft supplies can be harder to find...but kitchen storage can work more than one job.  I found a great little wooden roller for my clay work.  I also found a great silicone baking sheet with doxen shapes.  I thought about sending it to someone that is very fond of doxens, but later decided to see what I can make for Etsy buyers with it.  I am trying to decide which direction to go with it.

I don't remember everything I bought there -- it was a heavy shopping day.  I spent more than my $10 planned budget, but less than $15.  It was a great day for finding treasures.  :-)

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