Monday, May 11, 2015

11 MAY 2015 :: Checking in for now

Just wanted to share the things that I am doing in the crafts and online selling areas.

I have been trying to sort through all my collected notes and have been transferring the details from my scratch paper to notebook pages I can eventually organize and review.  It has been reminding me of all the things I searched for and studied for last Christmas.  I am going to use this information to review my current listings and then work harder to create better listings in the future.

I have been sorting through my small space to make more room for crafts and artworks, trying to get more listings online.  It seems like a difficult task, but I am making a space that will last for some time.  I am also figuring out the right pieces of furniture and shelving that will fit in here and allow me to accomplish more.  Hopefully, it will all come together soon.

In the search for the best products for me to focus on, I am making a list that will provide a lot of options... in several craft art, fabrics, food, digital, etc.  I am searching for listings that will just need to be renewed, which means they will be available year-round and continue until deleted.  That will help my shop content and allow people to search my shop categories rather than browse page by page from the shop homepage.

It is a huge learning process to sell online...but it is beginning to make sense and all the pieces are coming together, including keywords and photos and shipping and pricing and sections and....  :-) 

Soon, I hope to build up regular customers at my etsy shop and other places on the internet, like and eBay.

And I am going to learn video!  (which I will learn to upload to my YOU TUBE account and other places.  :-)   There's always more to learn, to buy, to save for, to pray for, and to do. 

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