Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday, 21 JAN 2016 :: I can't believe it has been so long! Updates today.

Where does the time go!  The holidays took over, New Year goals took over, everything seemed to take over!  :-)  Regular life, huh!  Here is an overview of what I have been doing and what I am planning for 2016...

I have been reorganizing my very small workspace, buying shelves and supplies to get it all worked out.  Soon I will be taking photos to update my Etsy ABOUT page.  I may share them here, or provide you with an easy link to the page. 

I am creating more FACEBOOK Pages for different topics, and have been expanding my TWITTER Lists. I have decided to try moving my "following" sites to Lists on Twitter and see how that works.  Getting the information I want to see first has been my challenge since beginning with social medial.  I am hoping it will help.  I am also sorting through all my sources and reducing them to the most important, planning to go directly to websites of those I don't have links to when I need to.  That also means I am creating contact lists somewhere.  :-)  With millions and millions of websites on the internet, and more being created every day, I am trying to find the ones that are most important to my efforts and activities... and deciding how to be connected to them.  That is part of my goals for 2016.

My ART efforts are ready to begin "hatching" into Etsy listings and other planned products.  Some will be expanded into wholesale items.  I am learning more about wholesale processes through Etsy's email classes and reading blogs about it in other online spaces.

In the middle of this creative change, my blogging efforts are also becoming organized. I am working on topic lists, and planning how to gather details and write about them. I think this year will be better than last year.  I am reading a lot of materials on marketing creative products, too.  Those will also appear as crafts related topics in my blog.  Please remember that I am writing on several blogs to cover different topics I am interested in and want to share information about.  I am not sure how much these efforts will overlap... or be exclusive to individual accounts. 

I shared a "mini-blog" on my Art, Crafts, and Recycling page at Facebook yesterday -- some new information I had learned that day about Twitter posting and retweeting.  You can find the link to my mini-blog on this page, and information about the source of the Twitter tips on the Facebook page.

I will end with that.  I hope to visit with you soon.  I have updated the comment options for this blog.  Leave a few words and let me know what you would like to see on this blog.  Thanks.