Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday, 21 FEB 2016 :: Etsy Updates ! Selling strategies for online shops! and GOALS!!

I am trying to make Sunday the day that I do my planning for the next week, the day I enter all the details on my developing GOAL pages, and I realized that Sunday would be a good day to update my shop announcement, too... so I did that today.  What happens next Sunday will depend on if I read my notes and to-do lists.  :-)

I have been trying to create a set of pages that will help me to keep track of my different activities, shops, and goals.  It has been a long ongoing process.  Some of the discoveries have been great, but I am still challenged to get it all to "work together"  (like my main business for GOD and the Body of Christ :: ).  

I think I will end up with a single page for each website, and a separate budget record for myself and Working Together.  Recently I remembered that there are "stats" (statistics) available at the websites I am trying to sell at, so I am not trying to decide which ones to include in my process. 

Keywords are probably going to be the main statistic I look at first... then I look at where the traffic to my shop comes from.  Both are still new efforts for me, and I have a lot to learn about using them for making decisions. 

Advertising options are also becoming important as I am working on a budget for marketing.  I have been exploring the "boost" buttons at Facebook and Twitter Ads and other opportunities that might be available to me.

I have been scaling back my ongoing activities to make more time for creating and listing my crafts.  I have supplies, and ideas, and lots of pricing details to work on.  When I look for similar sellers, for advice, for help with these decisions, I have been trying to find them at the sites I sell with. I especially think that teams are the most important resource for me, but it is hard to find one that offers what I am looking for.  I am praying for guidance to find the best choices for me.

I belong to 23 teams at Etsy, so far.  I am now following closely only three.  I am part of these teams to keep connected with the sellers that matter to me.  Most are Christian teams, some are secular and are affiliated with the things I want to sell :: food, digital products, and other things.  When I post new listings, I have been looking for the best threads at these teams to share in, and then the next time I post, I go to my own forum threads page and use it to post the next listing.  This saves me time, but every so often I have to go back to each team and check on the threads available --  to make sure I still have the best threads to post in.

At a personal level, I have created two forum threads in Chit I can share things that are important to me and discover who in Etsy is antagonistic to Christians.  It amazes me what happens as I go about my personal activities just to earn my own income.  I have started to post these entries with my Facebook pages as well.  I am trying to decide if I should post them in one or more of my blogs.  This is my outreach, my effort to network and find people that matter to me and my life and work.  Eventually, I want to start a team for Christians at Etsy.

There is still a lot to learn, and every day I look for more things to help me support myself into my senior years.  It is slowly beginning to form a process, an ongoing way to do all that has to be done, and to show me what can be let go, what needs to have more attention, and where it can lead.

I hope you are learning all the details you need to know to achieve your goals.

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