Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday, 25 FEB 2016 :: Reposted from Facebook Etsy page

Thursday, 25 FEB 2016
It has been one of those early days... up (finally) about 3 or 3:30 am to use my time better, and ending up on the computer because it seems like a quiet activity. 
I eventually looked at ETSY teams to find an "art" team to follow more closely and discovered I am already part of some Christian teams with artists !! Duh! Now I have to decide which one to follow as a digest in my emails...

I did find a new craft site online, through linking from here to there. I think it is based in Europe because I kept getting shops in that area while I was there (just a short time). It's called "" and is similar and different than Etsy. It was kind of nice to compare the two websites. It was also nice to think about expanding (eventually) to another crafting site.
I had some problems with the "art" category, though. In this category you end up being violated by nudes and other topics you don't want to see. I have been trying to figure out how to get away from this, but haven't found a way... other than starting your own site that has that limited out. Maybe someday....
I was inspired by the ACEO's I found... and discovered a new art category called small art... I will have to find that acronym again. It was for art that is limited to 4 x 6 inches. :-) I like that. I plan to make art that fits a standard mat and frame, and that is one of those standard sizes. I joined the Facebook group for that so I should be able to find it again. :-)
I also discovered an embroidered felt ACEO on Folksy. It was nice. I think display has to be the key to selling these creations... so maybe each item needs to be framed and ready to hang on the wall... which would cost more, but be a better product. I guess online selling is like a gallery... the art has to be ready to display, a finished product. The buyer doesn't want to go through all that trouble, they just want to buy the art and hang it in their home or office. Now to figure out pricing..........
Well, this turned into a blog entry, so I will re-post it on my site. That works for me !! :- )


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