Sunday, July 17, 2016

Homemade "lunchable" from a canning jar !!

Sunday, 17 July 2016 - about 6pm my time

I think it was yesterday that I was checking on a link in one of the team posts at Etsy.  It promised a lot of ideas for recycling projects.  When I got there, I discovered the ideas were on 34 of those flip-though-the-advertisements photo presentations, so I declined to "read" it. 

I did happen to notice a story photo at the top of the page, however.  It showed a canning jar that someone made into their own "lunchable" container.  I loved the idea and shared its discovery back at the team where I found the original link.  It was my follow-up contribution to the thread process.  :-)  I wanted to share it with a larger audience (possibly  :-), so I am letting you know about it.

This is not something I would use in lunches for kids because it is glass.  Adults who take their own lunches to school or work should be careful enough to avoid breaking the jars, or be better at cleaning the mess up afterwards if they do.

You can follow the link below to the actual article page, or you can go to the main magazine page here. There is a photo at the top as of today.  If you follow the article link below, there is even a video to watch several ways you can use this as a food carrier, including meat/cheese/crackers, cereal/milk, yogurt/berries, chips/dip, and something else...

The idea is simple. 
  1. You take a small canning jar (the small, square-ish, about 4 or 8 ounce size, wide-mouth jar is used in the example) and fill it with one part of the meal items -- usually the wet part, main part. 
  2. Put the metal jar lid on. 
  3. Then you reuse a small plastic container from lunchbox fruit portions to hold the dry item (crackers, chips, cereal, etc.), inverting it onto the top of the metal lid. 
  4. Once you add the jar ring, you have a secure food storage "device" that could fit in your purse or backpack if you need it to. 

Snacks on the bus are nice.  Maybe all the freeway commuters need snacks for the traffic jams.  I just don't think glass and kids go together well.  I hope that adults will be careful enough to keep it from breaking.

I suppose a plastic freezer canning jar might work even better... but make sure it doesn't leak if you try the milk or yogurt suggestions.  I think they have a different type of seal.

Enjoy creating your own special uses for the two part food choices you eat.


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