Monday, May 04, 2015

4 MAY 2015 :: Just checking in...

I wanted to check in with this blog so you don't think I have totally forgotten it.  For two weeks I have been working on changing my small living space (11x13) to try to make better spaces for my supplies and table space to work in.  I also am working on a shipping supplies area, and inventory options to save up for Christmas.  :-)

It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to get things organized. I am working on it.  I have a small amount of money and will keep working to increase that amount with my crafts.  I am always hoping to reach a goal amount and a living space that will take me to the end of my life... which isn't too far away now.  :-)

All this work at home has caused me to reduce my time on Etsy and other places online.  I have been able to see the effects of letting things go...and it is helping me to make a better plan for the future. 

I went out looking at cameras, camcorders, and tablets.  I plan to check on laptops and desktops soon.  Not having technology has always been a problem with my goal achievement.  I continue to pray that GOD will provide for me the things I have sought Him for all these years.

There will soon be a production process for me...finally!  I am looking forward to it.  I have habits for the days and nights, and have to find the balance between work and rest.  This is always a problem with home-based businesses, but I shall overcome!  Setting up SHOP HOURS is becoming a really good goal... and I am working out the details... I think making them my online hours will let me take care of customer contacts at a specific time and help me to limit activities that get away from me.

I was really encouraged to read that other people have the same issues with Facebook and other social media when they get online...  the problem with wanting to check on your account, thinking it will take only a few minutes, and then realizing you have been looking at posts for two hours!  :-)  A real problem when you are trying to work out a schedule.

Well, I hope you are organizing for the most important sales season in your goals  (mine is Christmas - September to December).  It is a challenge, but we can learn how to find the customers that matter to us, who will like our products and return to buy other things as time goes by.  Until next post, May GOD bless those who love Him, who struggle to make ends meet, who trust Him for their survival, and who want to help others.  Amen.

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