Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday, 1 OCT 2015 :: My FIRST video !!!

I am writing this blog to see how my first video uploads and displays here...  I tried to share it as a video on Facebook, but it brought up a window saying no for some reason... I have to figure that out.  I  wound up sharing it as a file with just a small group to see how it went.

As I enter this blog post, the place where my video is suppose to display is there, but the video doesn't appear until I publish it.  We will all be finding out at the same time!  :-)

It isn't a craft video... I chose the closest subject to me when I turned the camera on...  :-) ... I just wanted to try the camera and editing process.

I don't remember if I shared about the camera I finally chose to buy just to learn the process.  I understand these little cameras are popular for kids to get as gifts so they can film all the exciting things in their lives (for posterity, memories, fun).  I wanted a VIVITAR camera that I had seen online when I was searching out prices and options, but when I got to the store (Walmart in Portland, OR) there was only a JAZZ camera available.  It was about $20 for the camera, then I had to buy the recording card at almost $10, and a pack of AAA batteries at about $4, just to use it.  Still, $30 is a lot less than $300.  I will be able to learn with it and then will know more about what I want in a better camera.  I really want to work up to Documentary style camera, something like they use in media reporting, with software and all the other related equipment.

I don't use my own computer, so uploading the related files was a problem.  I don't think it has been fixed yet.  I have to wait for the owner of the computer to get home.  :-)  When I transferred the original content from the camera to the computer, it worked fine... opening up in a Windows Media file.  I tried to load it up again with the plain Window option and was able to save it to my desktop.

My first effort to edit the small portion I saved was a trial and error effort based on what I know about regular files and being willing to lose it to the trash bin.  I discovered the title page option, and the credits option, and also found some of the animations.  It was fun learning.  :-)

I am looking forward to my next effort!

It doesn't look like it is uploading... Maybe it will appear as I work on this.

Looks like I will have to leave you with this photo I took of a sunflower plant still growing... the first time I have seen one grow.  :-)

I will keep trying to figure out the video posting process.

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