Monday, April 13, 2015

13 APR 2015 :: Just a quick note

I have been busy using up some recycled GESSO (finally) before it completely dries in the bottle!  :-)  I discovered that playing cards I found at the thrift store are the right size for ACEO art, so I am putting on layers of Gesso to create a painting surface.  I didn't get all the cards covered, so tomorrow I will check on them and try to finish.

With Mother's Day (the 10th of MAY) approaching, I am determined to get a gift in the mail this time.   Maybe and ACEO, maybe something else that I create.  I don't think she really likes hand crafted things, so I don't send them unless I have to.  I hope to live long enough to send here a bouquet of flowers... it's on my "bucket list."  :-)

Other than that, I am creating a list and a plan... and praying that GOD protects me until I get it done... I guess I'm asking to live forever!  :-)

I will keep you informed on my Gesso efforts. I haven't really created anything with a Gesso foundation, but I do vaguely remember trying to see how it worked.  Playing cards have 52 opportunities to see how it work... I'll put the best ones up at my shop.

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